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Nationwide Health Insurance Quotes

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Humana One offers individual health insurance shoppers a great choice for their health coverage including a huge network of physicians, great pricing, and terrific customer support.


As the cost of healthcare continues to rise, we recognize the value of finding a reliable health insurance company that offers affordable health insurance for individuals. We’ll help you find coverage that fits your lifestyle and budget. And HumanaOne plans include features designed to help reduce your healthcare costs.

Choice & Flexibility

When you select a HumanaOne health insurance plan, you can choose from several plan types and deductible levels – and you may be able to add any extras you need at an additional cost. As a member, you have flexibility to choose any doctor or hospital you prefer. However, when you choose one of our in-network providers, Humana will cover a larger percentage of the cost. And most of our plans are portable, so your coverage can continue if you move to another participating state.


Our Website makes it easy to shop for health insurance for individuals and families and get online health insurance quotes. It’s easy to apply for a HumanaOne plan by phone or online. And if you become a member, we offer services that help take the hassle out of health insurance and help you make informed, confident healthcare decisions.

Special Discounts

As a HumanaOne member, you could keep more money in your pocket by enjoying special money-saving opportunities. Our plans generally include discounts on services such as vision care, over-the-counter medications, chiropractic, and even massage therapy.

Customer Care

You’ll receive the attention you deserve from the HumanaOne customer support team. We’re ready to answer your questions about benefits and claims. And when you use your plan, we pay claims in a timely and accurate manner. You can be sure you’ll be well taken care of at HumanaOne.

Personalized Information

As a HumanaOne member, you’ll have access a secure Website that helps you keep track of your personal health insurance benefits, budget for medical care, and discover more ways to save. You can even get personalized, money-saving tips to make your health plan dollars go further.

I’m looking to replace a current individual plan

Have your individual health plan’s rates gotten too big for your budget? Are you tired of getting less-than-satisfactory service? Are you moving to a state where your current plan isn’t available?

You have the power to switch health insurance plans, choose your benefits, and maybe even lower your monthly premiums with HumanaOne.

Concerned that changing plans isn’t worth the trouble? Rest assured that HumanaOne makes it easy to switch. Whether you compare individual health plans on our Website or call one of our health insurance advisors, we can help you get the coverage you need – at a price you can afford 1 2 .

Which HumanaOne plan may fit your needs?

However, if leaving your former employer has stretched your budget, consider the HSA Plan. This plan is compatible with the Health Savings Account, which is a tax-advantaged bank account just for medical expenses. Your annual deductible may be higher – but the premium may be lower.

  • If you’ve already established a Health Savings Account (HSA), it makes sense to select the HumanaOne HSA Plan. You can keep your HSA at the bank you use now – or HumanaOne can provide convenient access to our banking partners.
  • If you have a traditional plan design, consider a HumanaOne Copay Plan or 100% After Deductible Plan. Our individual health plans have a variety of options – so we may be able to mirror your existing coverage.

With all of the HumanaOne individual health plans listed above – HSA Plan, Copay Plan, and 100% After Deductible Plan – your rates are locked in for the initial 12 months of the policy. This means your premium won’t increase the first year the policy is in force, as long as you stay in the same area and keep the same benefits.

Guidance to help you choose

When you’re switching individual health plans, it’s important to ask three questions about the plan you’re considering:

  • Are my doctors in the network? With a HumanaOne plan, you benefit the most from your plan when use doctors and hospitals in your network, but you’re still covered at a reduced rate if you choose an out-of-network provider for covered services. To look up providers in Humana’s network, use our Provider Search.
  • Is my pharmacy in the network? Some of our plans include prescription drug coverage, while others don’t. If you’re getting a plan with drug coverage, you want to be sure the plan’s network pharmacies are convenient to you. To find out which pharmacies are in Humana’s network, use our Pharmacy Locator.
  • Does the plan cover the medications I take? If you’re getting a plan with prescription drug coverage, it’s a good idea to make sure the drugs you take are on Humana’s Drug List2. To look up a specific drug and view coverage details, use our Drug List Search.

With this information, you can know for sure that you’ll get the most value from your HumanaOne individual health plan’s benefits.

The next step: get details about HumanaOne plans available in your state.

  1. All applications are subject to underwriting.
  2. If you have an existing health condition and Humana extends an offer of coverage, the health condition may: (1) be covered, but require an additional premium or (2) be excluded from coverage altogether or (3) have a separate deductible for anything related to the condition.The pre-existing condition limitation does not apply to a covered person who is under the age of 19.